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    5 Reasons to Masturbate With Your Partner

    If you like to have sex, mutual masturbation is a great way to demonstrate where and how you like to be touched. You might think that it’s pretty straight-forward, but my years in adult entertainment have taught me that EVERYONE enjoys pleasure a little differently. Don’t you want to find out the little thing that makes your loved one unique? It’s like you’re being handed the cheat codes to the worlds most complicated video game. Who wouldn’t want that? It builds trust There is hardly a time when you are more vulnerable than when you’re flicking the bean. You’re fully exposed to the other person in a moment of intense…

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    The Lie of the Online Slave

    “Please mistress, I don’t have any money but I will be your slave. I will do anything you ask of me” I receive offers like this several times per week, and as the pandemic stretches on the frequency continues to grow. I sympathize with these guys, I really do. Money is tight right now and they are looking to fulfill their desire to be dominated on a discount.  They think, surely, offering up myself as a slave will be worthwhile, I will do anything she wants. It will be mutually beneficial! This is almost never the reality, especially as I am an online only sex worker.  When someone says they…

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    The Asexual Whore

    I sometimes feel like a walking contradiction. My days are spent creating content and experiences for others to use for gratification, when in reality sex is something I rarely do. So much of my time is spent in the sphere of kink and sexuality that it is hard to ever pin down a moment where my thoughts aren’t touching on something erotic. Hypersexual and celibate at the same time, my existence has been a source of endless confusion to most people that have attempted to get me off. Why is it that when we talk about porn and masturbation everything is fine, but once the subject changes to their desire…

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    The Harsh Truth About Your Small Penis

    Recently I received a message from a man that was in extreme distress about the size of his penis. After exposure to years of porn, snide comments in society, and internet forums about the ills of having a small dick he was left wondering if there was any hope for him: “Most of the time I feel deformed and less masculine to suicidal levels because of this.” We spoke for a while that night and eventually I discovered something surprising. This man didn’t have a micropenis or even a small one; he was completely average. So why does he, and a growing number of men, seem to be suffering from…

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    Intimacy in a Solosexual Relationship

    So, now you know what it means to be solosexual and you may have even come out to your partner! That’s great, but unless you’ve been in certain circles for a long time all of your questions probably weren’t answered yet. There is one topic that comes up over and over when talking about this sexuality: intimacy. Can you still be intimate with another person if you’re solo or are you doomed to a lifetime of feeling alone? What is intimacy? There are four main types of intimacy: Experiential- doing a task together where you bond Emotional- sharing your feelings and emotions Intellectual- sharing ideas, debating Sexual- sharing sensual or…

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    Where to meet other masturbators

    Here is my incomplete list of places on the web to meet masturbators and gooners! Free Sites Discord Discord is a messaging platform like Skype that allows users to create groups called servers. This is where I spend most of my time gooning. Notable Servers Clubgoon Onania Masturbatorium New Porn World Goon U and many many more (literally I am up to 30 porn servers now) Reddit There are a few small subreddits dedicated to gooning r/gooned r/pornischeating Twitter While there aren’t communities here, there are tons of gooners! Find one (many follow me) and you’ll find them all Instagram This is tricky because Instagram is strict about the content…

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    Solosexual Dating

    Does being solosexual mean being alone? I don’t think so. While there are many people who can’t imagine a relationship without sex I would say there are just as many in which it is not that big of a deal. In reality, 20% of relationships are sexless and up to 19% of men and 40% of women avoid sex at some point in their lives. While those numbers seem small they translate to millions of people; with the help of the internet dating as a solosexual is more possible now than ever.  Temper Your Expectations Dating is hard. There are a million reasons why you may not fit with someone…