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My First Sex Scene

There comes a time in every young pornagrapher’s life where they have to make the decision whether or not to jump into hardcore porn. For me, the decision to have sex on camera was a complicated one, but once I decided there was no going back.

Since I had already worked with Finn from BoobyUniversity before, I thought that he would be the perfect first shoot. I was comfortable with him, I knew his style while filming, and I knew that he would make sure to acknowledge and follow my boundaries every step of the way. I couldn’t have picked anyone better to do my first sex scene with.

So I made my way down to a beautiful room in Tampa Florida to meet up with him and Emma Shay. Th premise of the scene was that we were in a new sorority on a retreat and Finn crashed the party. He even had super cute tank tops made up for us with Beta Phi Beta on the front (which discerning eyes will read as BOOB). Emma and I made fast friends, and as always it was reassuring to have another girl there with me. I had to practically be pried away from her to start the scene- but I can’t help it! I love chatting with a cute girl!

The scene itself was everything a classic porno should be. Goofy, sexy, and passionate. Once I felt his hand cup my breast, I felt myself really enter the zone. There is a magical place that my mind goes when I make porn, one I really wish I could visit every day. I was horny, confident, and ready to fuck. And after some foreplay- including a little oiling up- that’s exactly what we did.

I have to admit, I was nervous for this part. Being in a long distance relationship during a global pandemic meant that I hadn’t had sex in FOREVER. What if I forgot how?? I worried my body would move awkwardly and that I would be so embarrassed!! Luckily though, none of that happened. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock before he slid himelf between my legs and into my waiting pussy. It was natural. Like riding a bike- a really sexy bike. I remembered just the right ways to move and thrust to get the job done. Looking back over the footage now I personally think I look HOT. My only regret is not getting to drain all of his cum.

Don’t worry though, we already have plans to make that right

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