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Where to meet other masturbators

Here is my incomplete list of places on the web to meet masturbators and gooners!

Free Sites

  • Discord
    • Discord is a messaging platform like Skype that allows users to create groups called servers. This is where I spend most of my time gooning.
    • Notable Servers
      • Clubgoon
      • Onania Masturbatorium
      • New Porn World
      • Goon U
      • and many many more (literally I am up to 30 porn servers now)
  • Reddit
    • There are a few small subreddits dedicated to gooning
      • r/gooned
      • r/pornischeating
  • Twitter
    • While there aren’t communities here, there are tons of gooners! Find one (many follow me) and you’ll find them all
  • Instagram
    • This is tricky because Instagram is strict about the content that can be posted. That being said, I have seen a growing number of gooners on the site.
  • Kik
    • Using kiks public group search you will find an endless supply of groups dedicated to gooning. Generally they are groups of 50 people or less
  • Fetlife
    • The facebook of kink. There are some groups for gooners and masturbators here, but activity is hit and miss.
  • Forums
    • I am still on the search for more forums that are female friendly, my favorite one so far is Onania Masturbatorium

Paid Sites

As of now the only paid site dedicated to masturbation is Bateworld. This is a male only (sad face) platform where men can masturbate together. I haven’t used the service, but I think it’s probably one of the best tools for male gooners (especially those that enjoy the company of other men).

Did I miss a site? Let me know here!

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