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    The Porn Addiction Fetish Explained

    If you somehow stumbled into the world of gooning without any prior knowledge you might be shocked by what you find. One of the most surprising aspects being people fetishizing porn addiction. “How can you encourage people to become addicted” you might ask me. “Isn’t that extremely unethical??” To which I would answer, yes. If I were really pushing people to become addicted to pornography that would be a terrible thing; I would be ruining lives. Luckily, this isn’t really the case. To fully explain this fetish let’s start with the definition of an addiction, from Merriam-Webster. While I use the term “addict” when talking about many of my followers,…

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    Taboo and You: Dealing With Shameful Kinks

    If you’re reading my blog you probably have a kink or fetish, maybe buried deep deep down, that you aren’t proud of. Something taboo, embarrassing, or just strange that can make you feel less than good when you think about it in the cold hard light of day. There are a few things you can do in response to the sinking feeling of shame: Go scorched earth- delete everything related to your fetish, deny it’s existence, marry a nice lady from church and never speak of it again. This method is probably the worst thing you could do, because it’s essentially signing yourself up for a lifetime of dissatisfaction, resentment,…

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