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Coming Out As a Solo Pornosexual

Something you might not know about me is that I get off on the idea of people finding out that I am a porn addicted masturbator. I think I hear someone once refer to this as a “disclosure fetish”. Whatever it is, I fantasize frequently about telling people about this part of my life.

Since consent is key in these type of situations, I have not actually told many people about this part of my life ( in a way where I was getting off on it)- I mostly have kept it in my mind.

But, since it is November I have gone 17 days without an orgasm and let’s just say this nut is about to crack. To live out this fetish of mine, I wrote an imaginary letter where I explained to a friend just how messed up I am.

Lucky for you, I have attached it below. This is one of the most raw pieces I have put out on the internet so, please, be gentle with me.

Hey girl, it was so nice to hang out the other day. I wanted to talk to you about why I haven’t hung out much this year and why I always keep my visits so short. This is going to be a little bit surprising, but I hope you understand that I’m only telling you because I don’t want to keep any secrets between us. I know you have always supported and accepted me for who I am, that’s why I am finally telling you that I’m a porn addicted solosexual masturbator.

This means that I will never have sex again. It has always been unsatisfying and the longer I go without it the more I realize how pointless it is. Instead I will masturbate to porn. Don’t worry, I won’t be alone- this is becoming more and more normal. I really think before long everyone will prefer pornosexuality over fucking!

I know it sounds like a bad thing to be an addict, but it’s actually incredible. It makes me so happy. I wake up thinking about porn and needing to masturbate and the thoughts of porn stay with me all day. On average I spend two hours a day edging. I can edge almost 30 times in a row with no orgasm, it’s so much fun. 

This might seem like it’s coming out of nowhere, but  ever since I’ve quit my job I’ve been able to live my life how I really want. Actually, I like what I do so much more now because I’m free to be myself in almost every facet of my life including on social media and in my close relationships. Everything I do now is at least in some way tangentially related to porn- I have it on every device I own! If I ever can’t watch porn, I miss being with it- but sometimes I can just close my eyes and imagine it and that is enough to get me through. 

Now I know what you probably think when you hear me say that. Your mind probably goes to stereotypical porn- something cheesy with rough fucking, but it’s so much more than that! It’s the  beautiful lighting and composition, the incredible feats of humanity, and sculpting of the human body. Porn is an art that is meant to be viewed during masturbation, the most fundamental and pure expression of sexuality. 

I hope you will see what I mean when I show you what I beat off to every day:

Perfect fake porn tits


And transgirls beating off their cocks!

I love cocks. 

At night I look at a lot of captions about women being sex objects, but I don’t think that it’s a bad thing per say. When you think about it sex is pretty much the biggest motivator for humans, and all animals. We are supposed to be turned on by breasts and cocks and bodies! It’s nice to be allowed to be sexy and sexual and I think that strengthens my addiction so I’m ready for more porn when I wake up.

My feelings for porn aren’t purely sexual.I feel a real, genuine, emotional connectedness to porn when I’m gooning.. I love it with my entire being. I’m struck by it’s profound beauty, sometimes tears well up in my eyes. Because of porn, I’m going to become a better person.

I’m so happy to finally be telling you about who I really am. I have never felt loved, more fulfilled, or such a strong sense of belonging. I know you don’t watch a lot of porn and may not be an addict, but I hope that you can accept me and enable me in this journey and will keep an open mind going forward. Porn really is for everyone and it’s getting better every day!

This is a lot to take in, so take your time reading and re-reading this; look over the pictures I’ve sent too, without judgement. If you are curious about porn addiction I would love to answer your questions. I’ve found out that there is so much more pleasure out there than you can find in average sex! I still have so much to tell you about orgasm denial and throat masturbation.

Hope to hear back from you soon

<3 Emma

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