10 Best Gooning Videos From Emma Lilly

Interview With A Masturbator
Interview With A Masturbator
10 Best Gooning Videos From Emma Lilly

Okay, I’ll be honest 2 of these aren’t gooning themed, but I think it’s pretty telling that 6 out of 10 of my all time best selling clips on Manyvids are about gooning and porn addiction!

Here’s the full list- do you agree that #1 is the best?

10 – Porn Addiction Therapy: Safe With Porn

Porn Addiction Therapy: Safe With Porn Preview

Everyone needs time to rest. Don’t fight it, just relax! That’s what #10 is all about.

Is life feeling chaotic lately? In this second session of porn addiction therapy, we will discuss the stressors that we face in our world and how best to deal with them. You will be reassured that you are safe with porn and encouraged to seek comfort in it when life becomes overwhelming.

9 – First Threesome

First Threesome- 3 Freaky Roomates

I stayed home last night and studied for an exam, while my roommate went out and partied. Of course she came home with a random hookup making TONS of noise. I can hear the sounds of them fucking through the whole apartment. Finally the noise stops when Finn pulls out and shotts cum all over Nikki’s huge tits. When they come out, I’m awake on the couch and Finny comes by to introduce himself. My roommate is such a bitch! She tells him I’m boring, but I can prove that I’m TONS of fun. I suck his dick and let Nikki lick my pussy while Finny rails her from behind! We even suck his cock together until he cums!!

8 – Gooner Porn Addiction Therapy

Porn Addiction Therapy

The very first of my Porn Addiction Therapy series!

Have you been struggling with chronic masturbation? Is porn taking over your life? Your therapist is here to help. Our session starts out with me fully clothed discussing your problem- follow all my instructions to ensure that this works. If you do well you’ll get to see my breasts and have a few edges along the way. 

7 – Pornosexual JOI

Pornosexual JOI

My first ever JOI! Simply described as “Warning! For SERIOUS porn addicts only!” I wonder if that’s why so many people bought it 😉

6 – Seducing My Best Boyfriends Best Friend

Seducing My Boyfriends Bestfriend

Cheating, seduction, big tits, gratuitous foot shots? I can see why this one is one of the best selling videos I’ve made!

My boyfriend is still at the bar- what a jerk! Thankfully you were there to offer me a ride home. You don’t have to leave so quickly, let’s settle in on the couch. Would you mind giving me a foot massage? I see how you’re looking at my feet… go ahead, give my toes a lick. I won’t tell. You know,. you don’t have to be a good guy. It could be our little secret. No, I don’t have any condoms but that’s okay. I like the risk. Why don’t you just pull out… or not.

5 – The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

Watch as I try to swallow 8 different dildos! This is my entire collection… How many do you think I can take?

4 – Realistic BBC Dildo

Realistic BBC Dildos

Watch as I try to swallow 8 different dildos! This is my entire collection… How many do you think I can take?

3 – Porn Addiction Therapy: Limp For Porn

Porn Addiction Therapy: Limp For Porn

Have you noticed that ever since you started watching porn, you struggle to get hard for people in real life? Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction is real; let me help you turn into the impotent limp dicked masturbator you were always meant to be.

2 – 30 Minute Edge, Goon, and Ruined Orgasm

30 Minute Edge, Goon, and Ruined Orgasm

In this video you will be a fly on my wall, spying on me why I masturbate with my Lush and bullet vibrator while watching porn. Over the course of 30 minutes I edge 20 times!! I moan, groan, and goon- reeaching heights Ive rarely been before. At the end, I accidentally go over and you get a close up of my wet pussy as a ruined orgasm sweeps through it! This is my MOST INTENSE gooning session I have ever recorded! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this

1 – Porn Mommy Loves You

Porn Mommy Loves You

Finally we’re at #1 and of course it’s all about your porn mommy telling ou how safe you are in her arms… while pouring oil all over her tits. What pervs!

Just relax and let porn mommy take care of you. In this video I will encourage your masturbation habits and porn addiction while I pour oil on my huge breasts. I’ll drool and spit onto my nipples while I tell you how proud I am of you for spending so much time jerking off. Try not to cum while you watch me suck and deep throat my own fingers.

Well there you go! Out of 100 videos, these are the 10 most loved! Do you agree?

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