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I’m Judging You Pervert- But Not the way you think

When I first get a message from a pervert I immediately start to judge them. No, not because of their kinks and fetishes, that’s the part I like. I’ve talked to people who’ve asked me to sit on cakes, pretend to be a giant, and other equally odd but harmless things. None of that bothers me, it’s fun!

There are some things that are a huge turn off, though. These are the things I DO judge you for:


I’m a sex worker, so I don’t exactly expect you to speak with my like I am your easily offended grandmother, but basic respect is a must. If you call me a slut, whore, or any variation of those words in our first interaction (and without my consent) I will block you.

This also relates to your expectation of my attentiveness. If you aren’t paying me and you are demanding immediate responses or long in depth conversations I will most likely ignore you and put you on my mental asshole list.

This can kind of go too far in the other direction too. I don’t enjoy honorifics like “Mommy, Goddess, Mistress, etc” before we have developed that repour. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it is definitely a bit off-putting.

Spelling and Grammer

We aren’t in school, so I am not expecting perfection. Typos happen. But I can’t have a long relationship with any customer who types their sentences like this:

“hi bb wyd? u r so hot.”

This might just be a personal thing, but it makes me immediately think you are a teenager and I am very much only interested in talking to adults.

Someone that speaks in full sentences with punctuation immediately earns my respect and I”m much more likely to enjoy the conversation.

Penny Pinching

Money is tight and I truly understand that, but interactions with sex workers are luxuries. Expect to pay luxury prices. As soon as you tell me that my rates are too high I become disinterested. Either you don’t value you me as much as you should or you truly can’t afford to spend the money, and I don’t want either of those people involved in my business.

On the other hand, if you are tipping just because or sending me gifts off of my wishlist this is a huge win (and in some cases a turn on). You will win major brownie points and will be rewarded in the future in ways that other clients may not be.

Seeking: Mind Reaer

The last thing that will make me judge a person is their expectation for me to draw their fetishes out of them. I can’t read minds and I’m not going to throw kinks to the wall until something sticks. You have to tell me what you want to have a good time- and trust me, when you do tell me you WILL have a good time.

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