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5 Things I’m Thankful For at 26

I’m Thankful for Wine

When I was a teenager anytime my mother would have a glass of wine withing 4 feet of me I would gag. The smell was horrific to me. Why on earth would anyone want to be near that- much less drink it!

Now that I’m older my tolerance for alcohol in general has gotten better. Lately I’ve even began to enjoy a bottle of wine over dinner! I never thought I’d see the day. Honestly, life can be a whole heck of a lot. There is always something that needs doing, something going wrong, or another project to organize.

Damn isn’t it nice to just sit down, open a bottle  and take a breath. Wine and good food equal relaxation and I don’t even get a horrible hangover the next day.

I may just be trading in my sugary well cocktails for life!

I love Animals

When I had to leave my cat behind with my ex-boyfriend it felt like my heart was ripped from my chest. I still check in on that sweet tuxedo kitty regularly, but since I’ve gotten settled in my new home I’ve been adopted by two other amazing cats.

thankful for namaah

Namaah was a stray when I got to town and quickly became my guardian angel. She loves affection and is always trying to get you to pet her or let her groom you! If my boyfriend approaches me too aggressively for her taste (say to jump on me and give kisses or even just joking in a deep voice as he walks in my direction) she jumps to my defense with a warning hiss and claws at the ready if he decides not to chill out.


Alma belongs to the boyfriend and she is an outdoors kind of cat. Other than napping, she is always out and about or begging to be let out with a cranky raspy meow. I know she loves us though, because of all the mice she brings from the basement for us to eat.

I’ve met a vast collection of dogs and cats in my short time in New York and each of them has their own unique personality, but seemingly all of them have one thing in common: they want to give and receive love.

As someone who always needs a little more love, this is truly something I am always thankful for.

Always Thankful For Music

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is a journey. Things become monotonous. Most days are the same, but some days you notice that things are markedly worse. There is always one thing that cuts through the dull moments, music.

Names, words, and reading all escape him, but music gives him a way to express himself and connect with me and the people around him. For me, its a break from the repetition and a reason to become energized again.

When you think about it, music is just noise that we make. Aliens could visit tomorrow and they may not understand why we enjoy making noises at different frequencies. They probably would think we were all insane.

Even then, we can’t deny that there is something inherent in all of us that draws us to music. It’s a beautiful thing about the human race.


You didn’t think I could leave this out did you?? I love porn! We are in a time where creating porn has become harder than ever and that makes me appreciate it even more. I love the lifestyle porn has afforded me. I love creating it and watching it.

I even love how it’s changed me and my view of the world. Sure, it’s made me sexually more free, I think about it all the time, and most things I do are in the pursuit of making good porn, but what it’s changed most of all is how I see things that are considered “bad” by the world.

We are all taught that certain things in this world are irredeemably bad. So many times we accept this as fact. When we grow up and hear about bad things happening to “bad” people it’s easy to accept it or ignore it.

When you become one of the “bad” immoral people you begin to realize that the hatred is actually based in fear, ignorance, and assumption.  I’ve started inspecting a lot of my own gut instincts about groups I’ve been taught to see as dirty or wrong. I’ve become much more empathetic.

I have porn to thank for that.

Financial Education

Where I come from there is never enough money. Stimulus checks and tax returns go to past due bills. Many people don’t know a Roth IRA from a 401k and if they did they probably wouldn’t have use for that information. When you’re poor you don’t get to make mistakes, you have to live perfectly within budget or be swallowed by a cycle of debt. Having a child, needing medical care, or failing a college course can knock you of track and you may never be able to get back on again.

I’m not sure how I got lucky, but I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my life and somehow I’ve found just as many second chances. With each opportunity I’ve learned a little bit more about how money works- and how to make it work for you.

I’m thankful because I have an opportunity that so many people don’t have, to build a better future for myself.

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