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    Six Month Life Update

    A lot has happened since I last blogged and I wish I could blame my radio silence on that, but I could never lie to you dear reader. Truthfully, even though I have been having a lot of new experiences a combination of feeling like I had nothing interesting to say and laziness has kept me mostly silent. But that ends today! Buckle up and get ready to READ!! Fucking Fucking and more Fucking Since my last update I have slept with 12 new people for porn. When you are intimate with that many people in such a short amount of time you can’t help but learn a LOT about…

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    My First Threesome

    I never expected to shoot my first threesome so soon in my career, but I have no regrets. I was first approached by Finn aka BoobyUniversity shortly after my shoot with Plumperpass. He was one of the rare type of people that slide into my DM’s, meaning that he sent a respectful well thought out message that wasn’t along the lines of “hi” or “let me fuck you”. He and I happened to be in the same city and he was interested in meeting up to shoot some footage, but at the time I had never sone any work with anyone other than myself so I turned him down. At…

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    A Week With My Pervert Boyfriend

    I went one year and one month without seeing my boyfriend because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Here is the entire story of our reuniting, from start to finish. Day One After he retrieved me from the airport, we took the long drive up the Taconic out of the city and into the Hudson Valley. This was my first time being this far north, my first and only visit was to Manhattan and it was a particularly warm time of year. Not now. Ice covered the ground like I had only ever seen in movies before. I was completely awestruck by the fast fields of snow that stretched out in front…

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    Why I Love Blowjobs

    Wet, sloppy, loud, dripping oral sex is my favorite sex act to perform on another person. I know some women arent into blowjobs, and Im probably a bad feminist because of how eager I am to take a throbbing cock into my mouth, but I cant help it. Its truly the only thing I think about in terms of having “sex” with a man. His dick shoved deep down my throat is paradise. But… why am I so obsessed with this? Did porn really fuck me up? Oral Fixation Frued would probably have a field day with this one. MY whole life I have had an oral fixation. I just…

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    Top 5 Adult Videos of 2020

    Though these scenes may not have come out in 2020, I found myself going back to them over and over again! Nina Elle in POV Jugg Fuckers 6 2. Angela White in POV Jugg Fuckers 7 3. Jaguar PMV 4. Stressed Out PMV 5. This Gina Valentina PMV

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    My Top 10 Porn Stars of 2020

    2020 has been a wild ride in the world of porn. We’ve seen scandals, the rise of Onlyfans, and a complete overhaul of Pornhub. Through it all, these ladies have been there to make all the drama worth it. Though not all of these stars are active anymore, they still got me through countless edges. Here is my official top 10 pornstars (and models) of 2020: Nina Elle Gina Valentina Iryna Ivanova Reya Sunshine Kianna Dior Adriana Chechik Rikki Six Angela White Nicollette Shea Savannah Bond

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    No Nut November Week 2

    If the first week was a a kindling flame, the second week was a raging furnace. In my pants. Seriously, though, there was only one thought in my head this week and it was something along the lines of: Oh my GOD I am so turned on! November 9-15th 2020 As every day passed I felt myself mentally slipping deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of my own perversions. My normal triggers became even more hyperspecific and I felt myself becoming emotionally more open and vulnerable. At some points I felt euphoric love for pornography and the people around me that I’d trusted to come with me on this…

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    Top 15 Sex Toys to Take Your Bate to the Next Level

    For Your Penis The Venus for Men– $956 Autoblow A.I.- $300 Lovense Max 2– $99 Fleshlight– molded to feel like your favorite porn star $80 Tenga Flip– this one literally looks so futuristic on the inside, I love to open one up and play with the insides $99 Stainless Steel Cock Ring– $27 Holy Trainer Chastity Cage– $165 For your Vagina/Clit The Hitachi Magic Wand (now just called the magic wand because hitachi didn’t want to be known for sex toys-lol)- $65 Wevibe Sync– Wearable vibrator $150 The Womanizer– suction for your clit $100-$200 Happy Rabbit g-spot and clit vibrator $90 We-vibe Tango– bullet vibirator $80 njoy Pure Wand– double…

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    How I fell in love with Gooning

    You know, when it comes to how I found out about a lot of different kinks of mine I always come back to one particular microblogging platform that consumed my life from 2012-2019: Tumblr. I saw a lot in my time on that platform, where I progressed from an avid reader and writer of fan fiction to a lurker in bdsm, ddlg, bimbofication, and hypnosis circles. Then, in the summer of 2019 it happened. Female Orgasm Denial This blog female-orgasm-denial is what sewed my initial downfall. It was full of stories of women being edged senseless and denied release, sometimes for days or weeks at a time. In my search…

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