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Orgasm Spoiled

I originally posted this edge fueled rambling in the Onania discord server a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

I’ve gotten spoiled.

I orgasm every single day. Sometimes once, twice, three times. I’ve been “trying” to get back into orgasm denial, but lacked motivation. It’s like I know I CAN (I denied myself for the months of November and December last year), but every time I “try” I’m so greedy I give in and have my orgasm. Until yesterday.

It turns out the right person can help a lot with that. I told him I was going to cum and he told me to ruin instead because I’d love how fucked up I’d feel later on. I did, and of course he was right. Edged out of my mind I told him again- I’m going to cum. His response? “You need to wait until tomorrow to cum.”

Of course I can decide to lie, and cum. Have my cake and eat it too… but I don’t. I want to do what he says. It’s been so long since we’ve played like this and who knows when the mood will strike again. So I wait.

The next morning while we casually chat he sends me some porn. He knows me well, he barely has to try to trigger me. I spiral. I just want to cum! “wait until tonight, it will be better.” I do. I’m so horny all day, but I get my work done and have my dinner and finallly it’s that time. I bring it up and he says “I havent cum since the other night” (he came while I ruined). “Im going to wait until tomorrow.”

He doesn’t say it but I know what he’s implying. He wants me to wait, again. I’m frustrated and drenched at the same time. I hate that I can’t say no to him. All I can do is smile and say “Good idea”


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