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No Nut November Week 4

I’ll call this week: the return to normalcy. I’m no doctor so I can’t be sure, but either my body has gotten used to not orgasming OR that time of the month severely dampens my libido. Sorry guys, I know you read my blog mainly to get off, but I’ve got to be honest.

The week started normally, but as every day passed my desire to masturbate became less and less until eventually on Saturday I didn’t touch at all. Even Sunday and Monday when I did masturbate it was short lived, and my interest in porn had se verely declined.

Sadly, I can’t stop my body from punishing me for yet again foregoing pregnancy for a life of debauchery BUT I did find that there was a surprise benefit of this month long orgasm denial: my PMS was almost non-existant. I will take that as a win.

Overall, I am so glad that I decided to give up my orgasm this month. Now that it’s December 1st, many people are rushing to cum, but I feel some hesitancy. I’m not quite ready to give up the high that I know will come if I just hold off a little longer.

Maybe I will cum again in the new year?

Final NNN Stats:

  • 900 edges
  • 16 ruins
  • cocksucking porn was most watched
  • the lush vibrator was used most frequently
  • I averaged 3.5 hours of masturbation each day

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