Hot Edging/Gooning Stories

A Graduation Facial

My gf and I woke up at like 7 am because we needed to get ready because her little brother was getting his diploma. She went showering and I was so fucking horny that I needed to jerk off. She came back in the room, was like: ‘oh my god stop and get ready’ and started doing her makeup. I kept jerking in bed for at least half an hour till she was almost done with her makeup and she knew if she didn’t help me I wouldn’t cum and wouldn’t get up to get ready. She gave me a nice handjob and i came in like 5 minutes. Bad thing was, I was so horned up and loaded up that I fucking came all over her face by accident, ruining her makeup and have her to go without any makeup on because I came too hard all over her.


A Public Plug

One night, I was getting really fucked up on porn while sexting with a friend, and eventually the topic of wearing plugs in public came up. I had never really done it before, and had bought the plug recently, so I decided to have her teach me all the in’s and out’s of doing it. What kind of plug to use, the kind of lube to use, making sure to lube it up through the day, etc. I wasn’t entirely sure when I’d actually do it at first, however, after being encouraged by her to wear my plug in the tub that night, and having a very intense orgasm because of it, as I said I had no clue how I’d be able to withstand wearing it in public, and she replied “Good luck sweetie, you’re doing it tomorrow!!,” I knew that the day I would do it was tomorrow. I had college that day, so I spent a bit of the night planning how I would do it, and I came up with a basic schedule. I’d pop in my plug when I wake up, and after I arrive at college at around 10:00am, I would reapply lube every 2 hours. Once after art class, once after philosophy, and once before drama club, before taking it out after choir. Next day, the first thing I did was insert the plug before I got dressed. The familiar feeling of being filled by that plug tempted me to try and sneak in a quick jerk off session, though I resisted those temptations and managed to get dressed. Due to not having a license at the time, I had to be driven there by my brother. The drive there was very awkward on my end, trying to talk while my ass was secretly filled by a little black butt plug. I arrived half an hour later, and made it to painting class. Painting was especially rough with the plug in because of how much sitting there was. Every small movement made the plug wiggle around in my hole, causing me to get ever so slightly more aroused. Halfway through however, I noticed that my hole was feeling sore from trying to support the plug, so I snuck the lube out of my backpack, hid it in my jacket, and went to the bathroom to reapply it early. I got a slight rush, hiding in a stall getting ready to pop a plug back in as people went in and out, but I managed to do it. As I left however, I ended up having a conversation with an older adult who had happened to recognize me from doing plays at my home town, and had to keep a straight face and act like I hadn’t just popped a plug in my boypussy.[8:56 PM]I got through painting, and had an hour to get lunch and everything before philosophy. At this point, my ass was really sore, and I decided to make a small change of plans. I took out my plug, cleaned up a bit, and used philosophy as a break to let my hole relax. Philosophy went well, though I couldn’t help but notice how empty my hole felt, yearning for the plug to fill it again. It needed it so badly. And after philosophy, I gave into those desires. 10 minutes before drama club, I got into a bathroom near where the theatre was on campus, and popped it back in. The feeling of pleasure I felt was so good that I couldn’t resist giving into it. I immediately sat down on the toilet, took my cock out, and jerked off like my life depended on it. I could feel the plug weighing down on my hole above the bowl, sending waves of pleasure through me as I pumped my hard cock to porn, holding back the urge to moan loudly like a good little plug pig until I came hard, getting as much cum on my hands as I could before licking it all off in plug-induced bliss. I arrived to drama club 10 minutes late, and gave the excuse that I lost track of time. We did line reading that day for a scene in a one act play, and I had to act the scene out, on top of acting like I wasn’t a little dirty plug slut in public. I then went through choir, which went similar to painting. 50 minutes of sitting and singing while my plug teased and pulled against my hole. I kept finding myself biting my lip and huffing a little from the pleasure, though nobody noticed, I think. After all was said and done, I got back into the bathroom, and pushed that plug out. I knew I probably wouldn’t make it through the ride home with that in. I got picked up, and went home with that empty feeling in my ass, only to feed it with more butt stuff when I got home. I haven’t done it since due to the current pandemic limiting how I could do it. However, when all of this is over, and everything is back open, I might just go out and do it again.