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    Hot Edging/Gooning Stories

    A Graduation Facial My gf and I woke up at like 7 am because we needed to get ready because her little brother was getting his diploma. She went showering and I was so fucking horny that I needed to jerk off. She came back in the room, was like: ‘oh my god stop and get ready’ and started doing her makeup. I kept jerking in bed for at least half an hour till she was almost done with her makeup and she knew if she didn’t help me I wouldn’t cum and wouldn’t get up to get ready. She gave me a nice handjob and i came in like…

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    Funny masturbation stories

    I put out the call for funny masturbation stories and you answered! Here are some of my favorites: A Close Call I had decided to be kinky with my masturbation so got out my cuffs, ballgag, nipple clamps and posture collar. I had been going for so long I lost track of time and then my brother opened my bedroom door seeing why my light was on and i quickly covered myself up hiding my face and drool covered body. Must have been going for at least 3 hours . He just said my name a few times to see if I was awake before leaving my light on and…

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