November Ruin

So close to cumming, I pull the vibrator away but my body aches for more stimulation. Slowly I bring it back to my clit and I feel myself rapidly reaching the edge again. I repeat this process, this rapid fire stop and go. I already know that when this starts over lost. I wont be able to resist bringing the buzzing toy back to more and more quickly every time.

The images on the screen start to blur together while my mind is shoved into overdrive. I need to cum, but I cant cum. I’m not supposed to cum for a month. My body has other plans. Buzz, stop, buzz, stop. Over and over again; my mind feels like its melting out of my ears.

One last time I bring the toy back and it stays a second too long. I jerk it away and stay completely still, hoping that I can prevent an orgasm through sheer will. I dont move, I dont even breathe, but it’s no use. My cunt starts to pulse and twitch, desperately seeking more stimulation that I of course dont give it. I lay there letting the ruined orgasm work itself through me before letting out a sigh.

Next time I’ll do better.

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