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No Nut November Week 3

This week was the peak of my libido- so much so that much of the week has been a blur. Every day I woke up horny and needy with one thing on my mind. I spent most mornings edging for an hour or two before leaving bed and masturbating constantly throughout the day.

I felt the growing need to watch porn constantly this week too. I started having it on while I worked, while I watched tv, in the background of any regular activity. It was almost as if having it on in the background was me setting myself up for a miniature relapse where I would try to resist breaking but ultimately fail and end up back in bed with my hand between my legs.

On one special occasion I worked from the floor bouncing lightly on a dildo in an attempt to slightly satiate my constant need for stimulation.

By Friday night my clit had started to become numb to my vibrators and the amount of dildos I kept at the ready on my nightstand had grown to out of control proportions.

On Saturday I finally woke up feeling relatively normal. I’m not sure why, but my body probably needed some rest. I spent the weekend engrossed in my other interests during the day- of course night time was still pretty much left to masturbation.

Overall I have

  • edged 700 times
  • spend about 3 hours a day masturbating
  • ruined 11 times

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