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No Nut November Week 1

Every year I take part in the infamous No Nut November- not for really any reason other than the fact that it increases my libido tenfold and strenghtens my love of masturbation and porn.

I thought this year you all might enjoy hearing about my adventures in orgasm denial, so every tuesday I will be updating you on how the previous week went for me!

No Nut November: 11/1-11/8

The first day of denying my orgasm is always always the hardest for me. Throughout the year I have been spoiling myself, cumming once twice or three times every day and completely losing the discipline I had built up over the 50 day denial I did last year.

This year was no different, as on the first day of November I found myself in bed with my vibrator on my clit moaning and edging for four hours unable to stop myself from bringing the vibrator back down one more time. Of course I couldn’t stop masturbating until I pushed myself too far and ruined my orgasm.

The next couple of days were much more successful, but sadly I did not put them into my “bate log” (the excel spreadsheet that I use to track my masturbation habits) so I can’t exactly be sure of how long I went or how many times I edged.

Sample bate log from June 2020

So far this month since I started my tracking on November 4th I have

  • edged 101 times
  • ruined twice
  • spent an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes per day masturbating
  • used my lush vibrator to masturbate the most
  • masturbated the most times to blowjob porn
  • met a new girlfriend and enjoyed masturbating to her tits (with her full knowledge and consent)

After this week I am feeling that my libido is much higher and I am at most times at a low level of arousal even when focusing on other things! I feel my clit becoming a bit desensitized from all the vibrator usage, so my goal for this second week is to use my hand as much as possible!

Are you taking part in No Nut November? Comment below and let me know what you think!

Watch a video of me gooning– shot 5 days into orgasm denial.

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