My Casual Masturbation

If you’ve kept up with my blog you already know that my masturbation is pretty habitual. I can’t help but think: are there other people out there that masturbate like I do?

While yes, I do rub myself for the obvious reasons: to climax, to feel the dopamine rush that comes from edging, etc. I also find that a lot of time my hand will wander aimlessly below the belt, almost like a form of self soothing.

Bored? Masturbate.
Watching TV? Masturbate.
On hold on the phone? You already get the point.

It isn’t intense and it isn’t driven, more of a nice gentle release of dopamine throughout my day. Casually.

I’ve discussed this with partners of mine before and none of them shared my propensity for constant self love- but one in particular encouraged it. They loved to know that while we were chatting on the phone or playing games together I was usually at least a little distracted by a growing heat between my legs. Often we would daydream about living together and both of us constantly stimulating ourselves around the other- completely normalizing what is usually considered private behavior.

I find more and more that I crave this type of normalization- I can only hope that one day I’m lucky enough to be in a place where I can be free to play all day.

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