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My Weekend in New York

This is the story of my first time meeting my gooner soulmate and a porn star in real life this past January. I originally shared this in my discord server. I wrote it on the plane ride out of town Sunday morning, so it’s not the best written, but it’s extremely raw and I didn’t want editing to take that away.

Friday, January 31st


I arrived at the airport and he was waiting for me outside of baggage claim. He was taller and way better looking in person than I expected, even though we video chat a lot. It was pretty awkward in the shuttle and the taxi ride in, more because of my nerves than anything he did. He was super helpful with my bags and everything and even put his card down for the hotel when I realized I brought the wrong card (of course). We went up to the room and I unpacked my things the whole time dropping things and just being an absolute klutz because I was lowkey freaking out.

After I was done I think he asked “do you wanna beat off”, but Its kind of a blur. I said no at first and we mulled over going out, but I wasn’t hungry yet and I thought it might be better to just get it over it so I said “do you wanna watch some porn?” He pulled his laptop out and put on some [porn star] videos- we’ve been on a [porn star] only kick since we knew we would meet her this weekend. He pulled out his cock right away, and I told him how much bigger it looked in person- he is like 6’3 so his hands next to it make it look smaller than it is. He stroked himself for a few minutes before asking me of I was going to join him. I probably blushed, and told him “yes I will in a minute!!!” It wasn’t long before I had my hands down my pants rubbing and watching him edge. It was so great to have the porn and his cock in the same view, and I started edging pretty quickly.

I don’t remember the order of what happened next… I know at some point we kissed and I remember thinking about how great his stubble felt. I pulled away and had to take a second because kissing him was way better than I prepared for mentally. “Can I grab your tit?” he asked me, and I said yes absolutely. His face lit up just from squeezing through the clothes, but he quickly asked me to pull them out. He enjoyed squeezing them and holding them, licking them and burying his face in them while I attempted some nervous dirty talk. I eventually gave up trying to be cool and started rubbing my clit while he tongued my nipple. At some point he got up on his knees and I got to have a view of his cock from underneath while he beat off. I started kissing at his balls and licking the underside of his cock. I teased his head briefly before pulling away and saying “that’s not very solosexual”- (he is a self identified solosexual).


An hour passed quickly and by then I was starting to feel a little shaky because I hadn’t eaten much that day, so we got dressed and headed out to a yummy pizza place where we got some cheese and margherita slices. I was so excited to have my first ny slice and it didnt disappoint! Of course I dropped tomato sauce down onto my tits.. I was a mess.

I don’t remember when we took the subway, but as we walked in he told me, “sometimes you’ll be sitting in a quiet train and someone will start performing”. I laughed and said I’d seen videos like that.. and literally as soon as the train pulled off a guy across from us started rapping. Oh! I saw a subway pigeon down there which was exciting because I hadn’t seen a pigeon before hahah. We went to times square after and walked down Broadway. I remember thinking how beautiful the lights were but also how materialistic it was- all advertisements. Still amazing to look at.


Once we finished up our walk we decided to get a drink somewhere and I offhandedly said “maybe somewhere with a view?” He immediately typed something into his phone and made a call to check that the bar he had in mind would have space, but he didn’t tell me where we were going. I’m usually the person that is in control, so it was really nice to have that responsibility taken off my hands (for pretty much the whole weekend). We ended up at 30Rock. We checked our coat and were shown around the corner to an elevator that zipped us up to the 65th floor: The Rainbow Room. When we got out I could almost immediately see the lights of the city and it was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I was awestruck, but because I am Very Cool I made a joke along the lines of “oh, i guess this will do”. The drinks there were great, I got a cosmopolitan and something like a mix of champagne pineapple juice and absinthe.

On the way to the next bar he was navigating and kept getting the streets wrong, he kept kicking himself but I thought it was cute and was enjoying walking through the unfamiliar streets. We planned to go to a tiki bar but saw a cool dimly lit bar that looked interesting. We camped out there for a while and had about three more drinks- no idea what they were by that point. we talked and laughed and just generally had a good time before it was time to head back to the hotel. I was drunk and starting to feel comfortable; I was acting silly which I hope was cute but probably made me seem like a dork .

Back at the hotel

When we got back we changed out of our clothes and into our bath robes before putting on our absolute favorite Nina vid and beating off some more. I used the Hitachi straight away- the alcohol makes me numb and I needed to really feel it.. We both edged a little before he said “are you ready for some cum on your face?” I was so excited! I popped up to change into something cute- I wanted the first time he ruined onto my face to be perfect.

He stood above me while I kneeled on the floor and began licking and sucking his cock. It wasn’t long by that point before he was ready to stroke out his ruined cum… the first bit hit my face and I was in heaven. There is nothing on earth like the feeling of warm cum on your skin I swear… when the first load was done I started scooping it into my mouth and it was yummy. I didn’t have much time though before he was ready to pump out some more, this time really shooting it all over me. There was a giant glob near my eye that felt and looked absolutely amazing. We sat for a second while I ate up more of his cum before I braved a look in the mirror. It was amaaaaazing but it was clear I’d need a shower.

Saturday, February 1st


We started our day with more porn, stroking together in the dim light of the morning. Evenually, we ordered room service. Breakfast was delish and we cured my slight hangover with a mimosa before getting ready for the day.

I wont bore you all with the details but we visited MoMA and Columbus circle, had a drink at a bar that was called The Porn Star Martini (thought it was appropriate) that was amazing, and walked through Central park. We almost skipped out on the Zoo but ended up going and it was awesome- he freaked when we got to the red pandas, they were fucking adorable. I think that or the puffins were my favorite part, but honestly the whole thing was great. Every animal was out and about and active almost like they knew it was a special day.

We went shopping- he got an entirely new outfit for our visit with Nina and I bought a Womanizer, it’s like a vibrator with suction (it feels amazinggggg)- before stopping for a small margarita pie at Lombardi’s. We thought we would have more time waiting at the bar for our main Dinner at Dirt Candy but we got seated right away and got started on our 5 courses. I have no regrets about eating that pie… but god was dinner rough by round 4 .

The original plan was to go back to the hotel and masturbate until it was time to go to the club, but when we got there we collapsed in a food coma. I used my new toy for a bit, but I was so heavy from dinner and the wine that it didn’t get very intense. Before we knew it it was time to go. We walked out of the hotel and a car was waiting to take us to the club. It was pretty swanky, all lit up like your stereotypical limo. The road was bumpy and my tits were bouncing like crazy, I pulled one out and flashed him quickly before we arrived.


Walking into the strip club was crazy. It was my first time and I really didn’t know what to expect. The doors open and I see topless girls giving lap dances everywhere, swinging on the poles, and running drinks back and forth. I was in heaven. While we waited we were approached for a dance by a girl who “loves couples”- it was my first one ever. So. Fucking. Amazing. I felt all rational thought leave my body while she gyrated and ran her tits across my face, her hit breath on my neck. it was greaaaaaat. As soon as she was done a man came to take us to the back- it was time to see her!!!!!

I heard her before I saw her and I was extremely nervous. She bounced over to give us a hug- dressed in a tiny ghost rider print dress that left nothing to the imagination. We had some shots while she was squeezed between us on the couch and she draped her legs over mine. I was FREAKING OUT! We talked for a while about how he and I met, how we bonded over her porn. She thought it was cute and made a few jokes- the girl is hilarious. One thing led to another and before I knew it she standing up motioning for me to come over. “help me take off my dress” she said, and I dumbly followed directions desperately trying to keep my cool.

She brought my hands up to feel her tits… let me tell you, however good you THINK that would feel, multiply it by 10. I told her “your tits are amazing” and she looked down at mine and said ” you have some good ones too! can I touch them?” “you can do whatever you want!!” She felt them up and i don’t really remember why, but i pulled them out. At this point I think [gooner] was about 1/2 way to a heart attack. We turned our attention to him, pressing our tits together while he watched.

We walked over to him and pressed them onto his face. Bouncing our tits up and down onto him, basically completely burying him underneath. I don’t think I’ve ever been so jealous of a man in my life. It carried on like that, him and I on the couch while she went back and forth between us pressing her perfect tits onto our faces. “Both.of you suck on my titty at the same time” she told us, and we absolutely obliged, our tongues sliding against one another while flicking at her nipple. At some point it got brought up that I sell some content and this goddess actually acted out a short porno scene with me while he snapped pictures. I was completely useless during, letting her take the lead, pressing me against the couch while she sucked on my nipples.

At some point the man that brought us to her came back and she seemed disappointed that we had to go, and he actually left and gave us some more time. She was an absolute doll, even if she didn’t genuinely want us to go it was so sweet of her to make us feel like friends. We went back out into the main floor and got a seat near the stage. Girls were coming by offering us dances but we waved them off- we needed some time to process what the fuck just happened!!!

Eventually though I had a few more dances while he watched. I was completely blissed out and was drunk off the endless stream of tequila and beautiful women. Another hour passed in a flash and it was time for [porn star] to go on!!

She was absolutely amazing, she had this whip with a clear base that she sucked and rubbed against her pussy and used to pull in guys. She actually left the stage at one point to give a guy who wasn’t giving her much attention a lap dance. Promise you that got him interested REAL quick. I went up to the stage and was getting ready to pull a 20 out of my bra when she did a little “come here” motion with her hand, reached out, and pulled me up onto the stage.

I pretty much blacked out at that point, I am pretty sure I stood there like an idiot the whole time. At one point she came up from the floor (which was absolutely covered with ones- not big enough bills if you ask me) and kissed me. I swear to god I could’ve died right on the spot. She thanked me and I clamored offstage, straight back to my table, and buried my face into him LOSING MY MIND. I think it took me 20 minutes to get my composure back.

We finished up with a lap dance for him from a girl with the best tits in the building ). I’d snuck in my remote controlled vibrator and turned it on while I watched her rub herself against him. I edged while her tits grazed his face, full on masturbating and grinding my hips obviously. It’s really a wonder we didn’t get kicked out hahaha. After that it was time to go. The club arranged a ride back to the hotel that went by in a drunken blur.

Back at the hotel

Back in the room we got straight into the bed and he started beating off while we made out. I am not ashamed to say that when I’m drunk I am pretty cock hungry, so I pretty much immediately jumped on his dick and started sucking. I took him all the way into my throat, gagging and choking around him, fucking him with my throat. We didn’t want to make him cum, so I didn’t stay down there very long, although I could have.

I climbed up onto him and we kissed some, I started grinding my pussy against his cock. Now, those of you who know me know that I am generally not into penetration. But the night got away from me, the combination of booze and sexual frustration winning out. I moaned against his lips and he said something along the lines of “you want to fuck don’t you?” I let myself fall off to the side in faux shame. In my head I was thinking, I am not supposed to do this! I told so many people I wouldnt! But that was pretty quickly washed away by his voice in my ears and his lips on mine.

“What do you want?” he asked, between kisses quick flashes of tongue. “I want you” “hmm?” “I want to fuck you” I climbed back on top of him tried to squeeze him inside of me, but I was so tight. I hadn’t been fucked in at least 3 months. We got out some lube and that did the trick. He pushed inside of me and it was incredible. I pretty much lost it at that point and starting riding him, lost in the feeling of his cock stretching me out. We only fucked briefly before I rolled off of him. My head was buzzing with thoughts of my best friend saying “I told you you’d fuck”.

I think we may have masturbated together some more after, but that is pretty much where my memories of the night stop.

I’ve told him several times that this was the best weekend of my life and I mean it. I hope you all enjoyed reading, and I hope that I can save up quickly for another adventure with him in another city.

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