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My Masturbation Habits

I have talked a LOT about porn and masturbation in this blog so far, so you probably have guessed by now that I’m pretty in touch with the erotic side of myself. I wanted to share with you today a brief history of my adventures in self pleasure.

Early Introductions

The first time I found out that my clit was more than just a random bump was when I was a young child playing doctor with a friend. After that day I spent every night exploring myself for hours. It became my favorite thing to do when I was bored (something that has stuck with me to this day). Anything even mildly suggestive that I would see on tv or in a magazine would send me into a tailspin. I have many memories of needing to leave room to relieve some tension and many more of myself sneakily rubbing my clit under blankets with other people in the room. I began edging very young- although I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time.

As a teenager this compulsion stayed strong and I began to explore the internet for content that would help me orgasm. I began with erotic literature and explicit chatrooms then graduated to smutty fan fiction and softcore porn with bdsm themes as I got a little older. I was absolutely obsessed with reading and writing graphic, perverted stories… oftentimes in class or on the bus rides home. My teenage years were really when I began to enjoy simmering in my arousal- feeling incredibly turned on but not touching myself.

Adult Explorations

In my late teens and early twenties I began to move away from longform stories and into the world of captions. For those who don’t know, porn captions are generally pictures with text on them, but there are also sites like tumblr where a photo will be posted and a long text description will be included underneath. Captions were like my bridge between softcore and hardcore pornography. Over time I became more and more appreciative of visuals and began looking at hentai, gifs, and short pornographic clips.

It was just around my 24th birthday when I found out about the growing niche of gooning and chronic masturbation. It was an amazing discovery to see that not only were there people out there just like me- but they’d coined their own vocabulary to talk about it! This is when I began to enjoy full length pornographic films and erotic hypnosis- as well as sharing my masturbation sessions with friends.

Ever since then I have felt compelled to encourage and educate about masturbation- especially for women. For every thousand men/masculine people you meet that are proud masturbator’s you will find a small handful of female presenting people and even fewer cisgender women and trans men. My personal belief is that this is due to our societies tendency to shame women for their sexualities- even when they are completely normal.

My hope is that more transmen and girls just like me will embrace their normal, natural need for masturbation and make their voices heard in our communities.

If you are a person that was born with a vagina and you want to share your journey with self love, send it into me here!

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