What is Edging?

During masturbation there is a time where you can feel that final moment of ecstasy rushing at you. It’s almost like you’re climbing a mountain, getting closer and closer to the peak, before tumbling over the other side into bliss. But what happens if you go to the peak of that mountain and just stopped? That is edging- bringing yourself to the edge of an orgasm without going over. 

Edging has been gaining popularity over the years and is almost becoming mainstream. 

Many men claim that edging has increased their stamina in bed and for women it can be a fantastic way to get to know themselves. It is generally believed that edging a few times before orgasm leads to a much more powerful and pleasurable completion.

The practice of orgasm denial is not new to the 21st century- in fact it dates back as far as the 16th century BC. In Taoist sexual practice, a man would limit his release of semen in order to maintain his “Jing” or vital life force. There is also heavy references to edging in the occult, particularly sex magic. A personal favorite of mine is the eroto-comatose lucidity ritual in which a person is edged for days on end by a devoted team, even during sleep. The ritual ends after a few days in either orgasm or death and it is said that those who went through it would commune with a higher power or witness mystical events. 

Even if you aren’t seeking a religious awakening, edging can be worthwhile. I encourage you to give it a try the next time the mood strikes- alone or with a partner.


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