What is Gooning?

In my last post I talked about edging and some of the ways it can enhance your orgasm. But what happens when you edge over and over again, denying yourself for extended periods of time? Currently this practice is called gooning, and the people who partake in it are “gooners”. I myself have been known to be a gooner girl (goonette if you’re nasty).

What’s so great about gooning? Well… pretty much everything. When you masturbate your body enters a heightened state and your brain releases the pleasure hormone: dopamine. When one goons they are flooding their brain with dopamine – possibly for hours on end. This can be an incredibly intense experience similar to being high. Oftentimes people’s inhibitions are lowest when gooning, leading to exaggerated expressions of carnal lust. Gooning is a pure, meditative state that, when done right, is a fantastic tool to understand your sexuality.

The highs involved in gooning can also lead to some lows afterwards, which I will speak on more in my next post all about the drop.

Like any activity where you manipulate your levels of dopamine, there is a chance of abuse and addiction. If you need help please visit

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