A Week With My Pervert Boyfriend

I went one year and one month without seeing my boyfriend because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Here is the entire story of our reuniting, from start to finish.

Day One

After he retrieved me from the airport, we took the long drive up the Taconic out of the city and into the Hudson Valley. This was my first time being this far north, my first and only visit was to Manhattan and it was a particularly warm time of year. Not now. Ice covered the ground like I had only ever seen in movies before. I was completely awestruck by the fast fields of snow that stretched out in front of us, not to mention the beautiful mountains we were driving into. The landscape was literally something out of a Bob Ross painting, and I was certainly a happy little tree on this adventure.

It was difficult to decide here to look most of the time. My love is so much more handsome than anyone could perceive through a computer screen. I always forget just how tall he is and I end up staring up at him struck by the beauty of the scars and smile lines that mark his face- the signs of a well lived life. I wanted so much to crawl into his lap and just hold him during the ride. After more than a year apart I wanted nothing more than to feel every inch of him.

Arriving home was like heaven. Immediately I was wrapped in his smell- old wood and coffee. His home was cozy and well decorated, so much different than mine, where I move so often that it feels silly to take the time to hang anything on the wall.

After a bit of unpacking we snuggled in his bed, kissing and enjoying the touch of another human being- finally. “Do you… want to beat off?” he asked me, like so many times before. “I’m not ready yet, but I want to watch you” I told him through a smile. I watched as he inches down his jeans and his already hard cock pops out: stiff, veiny, and already dripping precum. This is my favorite part, watching how his hand glides over the soft skin of his shaft. I love to see just how he caresses it to make himself feel so good. A few moments passed filled mostly with my admiration of his penis before I finally pull one of my breasts out of my top. This excited him so much that he edged and had to stop stroking for a few seconds. Instead, he reached up with one hand to squeeze my boob and shake it gently. Leaning in he pressed his face against the side of my tit, almost burying himself in it. He edges again and again while I watch and finally I have to reach my hand down under my waistband to rub at my clit.

We kissed, we touched, he edged, I rubbed. Over and over. “Wow, look at us. It’s crazy how horny we are without any porn,” he joked, “What kind of pornosexuals are we?” I giggled and was reminded of the hour long compilation I had made for him. “Oh I almost forgot! I have a surprise for you! We don’t have time to watch it before dinner, but do you want to peek at it a bit?” He agreed and so I pulled out my laptop and opened the file. Our favorite 3DX futanari video popped up on the screen and his eyes lit up. “What is this?” he asked while I clicked through different portions of the video, showing him that all his favorites and even some new ones were all stitched together. “Oh my god! That one! I love that cock! I can’t believe this! Oh fuck!” he said before going quiet. I looked over at him to see ruined cum streaming down his shaft and all over his balls.

“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help it” he said as he searched for something to clean up the mess. I was grinning ear to ear at this point. I am completely obsessed with him new hair trigger orgasms. When we met we would both go for hours, but now just showing him the wrong thing sets him off. “That’s okay, premature ejaculator. I know you can’t help it.” I leaned over for another kiss. “Let’s get started on dinner.”

Day Two

The next day we headed out to an amazing lunch where we absolutely gorged ourselves on burgers, fries, poutine, and alcohol. I had a raspberry framboise which for someone who doesn’t drink beer was surprisingly delicious. Afterwards we went to his local grocery store and did some shopping for dinner that night. It was vegetarian taco night, something that was super special to me because he is not a vegetarian like me, but he has developed a love for the replacements and there was no nit picking or disappointment that I wouldn’t try beef like there has been with most people I’ve been with before. The tacos were amazing by the way, almost as amazing as the dance moves he pulled while cooking them, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We got back about an hour and a half before his dad was arriving to eat, so naturally we took that time to lounge in bed. “What do you want to do now?” he asked me. “I just want to make out…” “And?” “And beat off together. Let’s watch the full video from yesterday.” It didn’t take any convincing before he popped up and connected my laptop to his TV. With the porn pulled up and ready to go, I had my mind on only one thing: my two vibrators that I had not touched for two long weeks before the trip. I wanted to be sensitive when I saw him and oh boy did it work. Even before turning it on I was wet. Just looking at him was enough to do that.

I pressed the vibe against my clit and it buzzed to life. The pleasure was almost overwhelming and I immediately gasped and moaned, my mouth stuck in an “O”. The hour we watched the video flew by fast. Cock after cock getting hard, cumming, getting stroked, or fucking. We laid together, masturbating side by side while we watched and occasionally kissed. “You love porn so much,” he told me between edges. “I do, I love porn so so much. I’m in love with fat futa cocks!” I just can’t seem to help myself when I get turned on. I just need to declare my love for the porn I’m watching.

Towards the end of the video, during a solo masturbation scene, a character leans back and shoots cum all over her chest and stomach. When he saw her eruption, it became too much for him. He needed to cum. He shot his load in tandem with the girl on screen, both of them lying in the same position. Both covered in their own semen. He rolled over to me and took a nipple between two fingers starting to tug at it while I struggled to reach my own orgasm. Classic, even when I’m the most turned on I’ve ever been it’s hard to get there. He rested his nose against the side of my face and whispered to me “You’re so cute when you beat off to porn. Such a pathetic masturbator. Look at that, look at how she strokes her cock. Oh, look! She’s putting the dildo in her mouth, she’s going to beat off her throat. Look, look she’s swallowing it, just like you do!”

That was just what I needed. My body tensed up as the orgasm ripped through me. Pulsing over and over as a wild moan escaped my lips. It took me a while to come back down to earth, and even as I did little aftershocks of pleasure surged through me for several minutes. I basked in the afterglow as the video reached it’s end.

“That was my first time cumming with another person in the room in probably three years,” I told him. It was true. With the ending of my sexless marriage followed by covid, the opportunity for so much vulnerability was non-existant. I curled up into him then, for a few moments, before we were forced to once again brave the day and get dinner started.

Day Three

This day I spent mostly by myself, wandering through the shops of Greenwhich while he worked. I had a mani-pedi and balked at the concept of spending $1000 on a t-shirt, before walking to a nearby park to take in the harbor views.

Back at home, we were falling into an easy routine. He cooked, I did the dishes. I tried, and failed, not to pick up after him like a doting housewife. It’s difficult when you see someone you love working so hard, not to want to do everything you can for them, but I learned the lesson of never starting something you don’t intend to do forever. Lucky for me, he’s a clean guy to begin with.

When all the hustle and bustle of the day were done, we again fell back into bed with a bottle of wine and quickly got hot and heavy. After a little while of him stroking himself, I felt a rare urge overtaking me. My pussy was aching for him, and sopping wet. Shyly I whispered, “Can we… maybe… have sex?”

“What?!” he teased.  “You want to have sex? What is this? This is so rare for you.”

“I know” I groaned, diving under the covers to hide the bright red blush that started covering my whole body. Why did I feel like an embarrassed virgin? I never understand myself sometimes.

“Hey, I’m just teasing.” He followed me into the darkness of the comforter and pulled my face to his for a soft kiss. “Of course we can have sex. If you still want to.”

“I do, just so my body will shut up.”

“What if I cum? I want to save up for when we film.”

“Well, let’s just do it for a second then. I don’t need it to be long.”

“How do you want to do it? Ride me?”

“No,” I shook my head vigorously. “I want you on top. I just want you inside me, you don’t even need to thrust. I just… want to be close to you.”

He smiled and climbed up on top of me, resting his still hard cock against my awaiting pussy. With one push down with his hand he slid inside me, no lube necessary. Softly he pushed farther and farther in until he bottomed out.

“Now just hold me.” I told him and he complied. We lay there for a few moments before he began to thrust. Three pumps in he swiftly pulled his dick out of me and I watched it twitch to the edge.

“It’s too much, I’m going to cum if we keep going.”

“That was perfect, it was everything I needed. Just a few seconds to feel connected to you and then I can use this bad boy” I pulled up my favorite vibrator.

Smiling, he laid next to me while I rubbed and he stroked himself as I pulled up porn on my phone. I got to the blabbering addict phase of my masturbation rapidly, mostly thanks to his face pressing against mine and his voice reminding me how much I love to beat off. “I think you’re the most pathetic masturbator I know,” he told me.


“Yes. Look at how addicted you are and how many porn servers you are in. I thought maybe I was the most… but now I definitely know that you are way more pathetic than me..”

“Fuck, yes, I’m so pathetically addicted. I’m pathetic.”

My mouth met his and those words replayed in my mind. Before we were even done kissing I was orgasming hard on the vibrator for the second day in a row. We often talk about being pathetic, it is kind of one of our shared kinks, to feel out of control and completely enamored with porn and eroticism. This was different though, he had never said I was worse than him. That extra dose of humiliation was all I needed to get me off that day, and probably many more to come.

Day Four

We spent most of the fourth day out of the house exploring areas for me to move to this summer. He treated me to another amazing meal where I tried my first ever oyster. It was a big event for the waiters, but I chickened out and didn’t chew. I took it like a “meat shot” to put it in my elegant terms. We celebrated my venture into the world of seafood with nice big bottle of champagne before he took me over the bear mountain bridge. The view from there was so breathtaking that I didn’t even pull my phone out to take a picture, which I definitely regret now. The mountains were covered in snow, but he told me that this view was nothing compared to when the trees turned orange in the fall. I squeezed his hand and said, “I guess I’ll see that soon then.”

After puttering around for another few hours, we drove to a brasserie and once again had a mindblowing dinner. My gnocchi was cooked to perfection, so much so that it practically melted in my mouth. He got duck, which I stole a bite of out of curiosity. It’s funny how after 11 years of vegetarianism the memories of turkey and chicken I’d had came flooding back. The meat was smoky and a bit tough, but not bad. It made me think that maybe I could test the waters of eating poultry again.

Another few glasses of wine and I was spent. I don’t remember much of the drive home, probably in part to do with the delta 8 thc gummy I’d had before dinner. Once we returned, we settled into bed to watch Evangelion and I quickly was fast asleep.

Day Five

Today was the big day. After breakfast in bed (which he brought me every day) and lunch at one of his regular places, it was time to film our cocksucking scene.

While I got ready, he prepared the room for the shoot, making sure the lighting, sound, and camera was all ready to go. I’m lucky in this department too, thanks to his experience in reality TV he knows his way around a set better than I do. All I had to do was look pretty and drop to my knees.

We were ready to go. He stood in front of me, naked and hard, before giving my the cue that we were rolling. I started slowly. This was the first time my mouth had been on him this whole trip and I wanted to make it count. First I kissed and licked his balls tenderly, before moving up to wet the underside of his shaft with my tongue. I suckled gently at the head of his cock, running my tongue around it to get it nice and wet, before I used my fingers to spread it down his length, making it easier to take him inside. The blowjob started as you would expect. Lots of head bobbing and the typical stuff.

Until it was time for the deepthroat. I couldn’t get him down. What the hell? I swallow plastic cocks way longer than him on the regular. What was going on? Why did he feel so big?? I realized that it wasn’t that he was big, but that he was hard. Harder than he probably had been the whole week. Several times he needed to pull away to avoid cumming too soon. I was ecstatic. Forcefully I shoved him into the back of my throat, finally getting it to bend.

“Is that hurting you?” I asked during a cut. “When it bends like that?” All that time watching porn and learning about the human body I had never given it thought until now.

“Oh no, it’s fine. Keep going.”

So I did. I gulped and gagged on his cock, bringing up thick strands of spit that poured out of my lips, down my chin and onto my heavy tits. The mess of it all is the best part, and I was so glad it was going so well. My legs burned from the slightly awkward position, but I forgot all about it when I felt his big hand reach to the back of my head.

Never once has he ever been rough with me, so I was not expecting him to start now. Maybe that’s why my pussy lit on fire when I felt him push my head down farther than before on his cock, and quite literally face fuck me. My throat was getting fucked nice and hard, just how I wanted. He was perfect.

Only a short while later we got the low battery alert, so it was time for the cumshot. I sat back on my legs and looked up at him pleadingly, mouth open to get my prize. I’d been waiting so long for this moment. I wanted nothing more than to feel his cum hit my face, and before I knew it I felt that familiar wet warmth. The cumshot was huge. It splattered across my face, into my eye, and my hair. A glob even dropped onto my tits. Hungrily I began scooping it into my mouth and licking my fingers, only to let it drool back out.

This was the porn I have always wanted to make. To say I was happy was a huge understatement. I was so high on dopamine as I saw him move the camera around me to capture the cum from every angle. “I feel so beautiful,” I giggled.

“You’re so pretty,” he said, smiling. “Here, I have a towel you can use to clean up.”

I grabbed it and started wiping at my face before letting out a loud gasp.

“Oh no!!! I want to take pictures!!” I hopped up and practically ran down the stairs to grab my phone and take cum facial selfies in front of his huge floor to ceiling windows.

Day Six

Sunday was a lazy day with no plans. We spent much of the day in bed, cuddling, laughing, and watching anime. At some point he remembered that he had a VR set up and wanted to show me some of the games he had, so we went up to get it set up, but there were lots of updates. I sat waiting and scrolling on my phone, naturally seeing lots of posts on my twitter and Instagram from some of my favorite models. The mor time that passed the more bored I got, the more bored I got the more I wanted to masturbate. Eventually I leaned back in my chair and whined, “I don’t wanna do this anymoooore!”

“What do you want to do? Watch some porn?”

“Yes!!” Quickly, we headed back down to the bed.

I can’t remember what we watched, really, but I do know that I sucked on his balls while he stroked his dick, edging to various pictures and videos before turning his phone to me and showing me what was on the screen. I rubbed my clit furiously in between licking and kissing him.

I laid back next to him in the bed, but I was still craving something in my mouth so I started to suck on my fingers, bringing long strands of spit out and admiring how it shone in the light. He loves when I do this, so he leaned in close to me and sweetly encouraged me to do this as much as I needed for the time I was still there.

“Mmm, but it’s not big enough. Maybe I should get a toy” I told him. “Actually, I have an idea! Why don’t you put your cock ring on and beat off over my face while I gag on the dildo? I think that would be such a cute video.”

Of course he complied. I laid back on the bed while he stretched his black cock ring at the base of his cock and balls. I held my camera up over my face and started licking and sucking on the purple toy. I love seeing myself like this, and loved even more seeing hishard cock enter the frame and rest on my face.

I worked the toy in and out of my mouth slowly at first before building up speed and forcing it deeper and deeper into my throat. Every few seconds the purple dildo would pop out of my mouth and thick strands of drool leaked from my lips. He slapped his cock down onto a big glob of spit and rubbed himself against my face. I was oblivious to how turned on he was, until I felt a warmth spreading on my cheek. He was cumming, already, thick ropes shooting across my pale skin.

I couldn’t help but giggle to myself before using the dildo to push a pile of cum into my mouth. I had fun with it, blowing bubbles and making amess of myself. The white sticky mess was spreading over my whole face, into my right eye and down to my left ear. I admired myself in the camera once more after ending the recording.

“Sorry!” he said. “Once I put my cock onto your spit I knew it was over.”

“That’s okay,” I giggled. “It’s so cute when you prematurely ejaculate like that.”

As I cleaned myself up I could only really think of one thing: I really do look pretty with cum on my face.

Day Seven

On this day we travelled to TWA Hotel for our last night together. The 1960’s airport terminal turned hotel was beautifully adorned with mid-century modern furnishings and all red and white accents. We checked into our room and as soon as we opened the door we were greeted by huge floor to ceiling windows looking over an active runway of JFK. We watched the airplanes being taxi’s around for a few moments before I leaned against the window and said, “why do I just want to be fully naked against this right now?”

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur. I am not a big drinker at all, but on our last night together I decided to go pretty hard. Four cocktails and a $100 bottle of champagne (that I insisted on buying for pretty much no reason- being ALREADY drunk) later we were passed out.

Day Eight

I always wake up early when I drink. My eyes popped open at 6:55am on the dot and I crawled over to my love, who was also starting to stir. The sun was rising over the runway and lighting up our room in the most beautiful way. It almost felt like a scene from a movie. After a while of the customary snuggling I started to see him tugging at his dick under the covers. I traced the tattoo on his shoulder happily before sliding my hand down to caress his hard cock and massage his balls. I was happy we’d get to do this one more time before I left.

I pulled my breasts out of my tank top and he leaned over, grabbing it in his hand and squeezing it. His face was inches away from me as he jerked himself off hard. He put his face on it, kissed it, and bit it softly, telling me that it was almost like a giant marshmallow. I loved that comparison.

“Can we make another video?” I asked him after a few minutes of fooling around. “I want you to tittyfuck me.”

I handed him my phone and laid between his legs. My breasts felt unusually soft that morning and I remember fondling them before letting them hang on either side of his shaft. I squeezed them together and started bouncing them up and down, all but completely enveloping his dick between my pale soft tits. Occasionally he would have to pull away to avoid cumming which always left me grinning.

After a few more moments of slapping my tits together around him I had him pause the video. I leaned down and gave his throbbing member a nice kiss for doing such a good job and asked “Should I lay on my back so you can cum across my chest?”

“Ooh you want me to cum already?”

“Mmhm!” I flipped over on my back and my breasts pooled across my chest, jiggling almost like two plates of jello.

He stood over me on his knees, stroking himself. “Are you going to cum for me? Are you going to shoot that hot sticky cum all over these tits?” It didn’t take much dirty talk before I saw him shoot white ropes. They glistened prettily in the sunlight as they covered my boobs.

Afterwards, we laid together in bed and watched the cumshot. The light from the windows lit up the cum perfectly, and his load was so big that it covered both breasts perfectly. I was over the moon.

“Oh my god!!! Thank you so much! You did such a good job! Thank you for cumming on me!” I knew the words leaving my mouth were pretty weird, but I couldn’t help it. I was like a kid on Christmas morning who got the best present ever. I had one of the most beautiful cumshots I’d ever seen on my phone and it was of MY tits and MY boyfriend. What could be better??

After a breakfast of crepes, omelettes, and bagels it was time to say goodbye. I tried to keep a brave face on as he hugged me for an eternity outside of TSA. It was all I could do to walk through security without crying, but I tried to focus on the fact that we had such an amazing time together.

I think it’s rare in this life that you find someone that you feel at home with. When I went into this week I was extremely nervous. After a year apart I wasn’t sure we would still have chemistry. Or worse, we wouldn’t know how to interact with each other when we were away from the computer screen.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. I had a week of playing house, making up songs, sharing meals, and trying new things. I felt that I could really see our relationship lasting. I could see us building a life together. Ew! Feelings! So cheezy.

At the time of writing this it’s been two days since saying goodbye. Since then I’ve been travelling to hotels and shoots and not really had a moment to accept that once again we are spread across the country from each other.

I’m not sure how I will cope with the absence this time. As a codependent person (working on it) it feels a bit like a part of myself was left behind in New York. I’m going to try to replace that feeling with excitement though. It will only be four months until I am living close to him and smothering him with my affections as often as I want.

Perhaps, if I ask really nicely, he will smother me with his dick in return.

Check out our messy blowjob video!

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  • Jack

    mmmmmmmmmm thank you. i paused stroking at the end of your story long enough to let tears fall. so sweet!