How I fell in love with Gooning

You know, when it comes to how I found out about a lot of different kinks of mine I always come back to one particular microblogging platform that consumed my life from 2012-2019:


I saw a lot in my time on that platform, where I progressed from an avid reader and writer of fan fiction to a lurker in bdsm, ddlg, bimbofication, and hypnosis circles. Then, in the summer of 2019 it happened.

Female Orgasm Denial

This blog female-orgasm-denial is what sewed my initial downfall. It was full of stories of women being edged senseless and denied release, sometimes for days or weeks at a time. In my search for other blogs that explored similar themes I ran across many others that discussed male orgasm denial, which led me to discover gooning.


Shortly after I discovered the concept of gooning I joined my first discord server. Then Tumblr had the great idea to ban porn and very rapidly my interest in the platform faded. I had instead become obsessed with the burgeoning community of perverts that were flourishing in servers across the platform.

Discord and the endless amounts of pornography it offered combined with a 50 day period of orgasm denial solidified my identity as a gooner girl and I’ve never looked back since.

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