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Types of Adult Entertainment

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Sometimes I meet people that feel like porn is not for them, so they assume that there is no erotic entertainment out there that they will like. What I would like to say to those people is that they are dead wrong, unless they feel no type of sexual arousal period (yes there are those type of people out there and if this describes you- hi, hello, I love you, what are you doing here?).

What types of adult entertainment are there?

There is a vast world of sexy stuff out there, you don’t only have to masturbate on pornhub! In fact, there are three major categories: Visual, Aural, and Written.

As you can probably guess visual entertainment is the kind you see with you eyes, whether in person or on a screen. Pornographic material is most commonly viewed by younger people and is viewed by men and women equally. I can’t say for sure, but just from experience I assume people who are trans watch just as much as their cisgender friends.

Erotic Aural content includes recorded stories, ASMR, and erotic hypnosis. ASMR is voodoo magic that happens when you whisper into a mic and your listener gets all tingly. Okay, maybe it’s not, but the science is probably better explained here. Overall, audio content is a great resource for people who are visually impaired or would rather imagine a scenario in their minds eye than actually see it.

Finally we have explicit writing. This category will always hold a sweet spot in my heart since I was reading sexy stories on long before I ever decided to put on a porno. This is a category primarily dominated by women. In fact Literotica’s userbase consists of 4 female users to every 1 male user (trans people, I’d love to hear what your thought on erotic lit are).

Below I’ve compiled a short list of all the types of adult content I could think of with links to learn more!

Something I missed? Let me know here!