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    Top 5 Gooning and Porn Addict Hypnosis Files

    Disclaimer: Hypnosis is not all powerful; it will only lead you to do what you want to do. I do not take responsibility for anything that may happen as a result of these files. The Best Gooner and Porn Addict Hypno In no particular order: 1- Queue-balls Notable themes include: Masturbation Addiction Homosexuality Infidelity Deviant sex 2- Worship Porn My Goddess (personal favorite) porn addiction religious themes (1 file) porn sound audio files without hypnosis 3- Mega Mixes Mixes of the two above hypno tracks as well as others for an overwhelming mind melting experience 4- PornTrance Pornhub creator with a wide variety of hypnosis files 5- Eat, Sleep, Edge,…

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