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My Favorite Adult Platforms

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While most of these sites are not strictly billed as adult platforms they are the best I have found so far for pornography, erotica, and more!


My personal favorite platform is the messaging app Discord. There are a blossoming number of communities here and while it can be difficult to find them (you have to be invited by a member) I find that this allows for individual servers to control the less pleasant people that may seek access.

I also like how each server has the ability to organize itself into channels that each have a certain topic. It is a valuable resource when you are picky about the type of porn you enjoy (like me!).


Some people may not know this, but Twitter is actually an incredible source of naughty materials! Porn studios and erotic fans alike have accounts and it’s extremely easy to find them thanks to the search functionality! Twitter allows you to post as much explicit material as you like (as long as your account is marked as adult) so there is pretty much a never ending stream of filth!


This site is never going to replace the greatness that Tumblr once was (rip) but although it is a bit janky and has its fair share of bugs, it is still a great source for your more niche fetishes and those that are frowned upon by the general public.


Fetlife- it’s like facebook if facebook allowed you to post butthole pics. You can upload photos, videos and updates and join groups based on your interests! One of the unique things about fetlife is that you can view other kinksters by location and find events in your area.

A common complaint on the site is that you will get approached by a lot of weirdos.. but if you ask me, that’s pretty much the case for any and all websites where you are talking about sex. You have to take the good with the bad nd use your block button freely!


These sites are less community oriented and more about buying content or services to help you get off!


Niteflirt bills itself as a phone sex site- but it is so much more! While you can call and talk on the phone to a wide variety of operators, you can also sext, buy videos, audio, and pictures! You can send tips and even do live web camming (although you have to use a separate software like skype or discord)


Manyvids is one of the most user friendly sites out there. The design is top notch- easy to use and understand. You can purchase videos, photos, underwear, merch, and even watch live cam models! The process of ordering custom videos is by far easiest on manyvids, and you can even support your favorite creators by joining their Onlyfans style MVCrush program.

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