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My Experience on Cam Sites

Cam Girl Vol. 1

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My first time on a cam site was in 2015. I have a hard time remembering which site it was, but I believe it was Chaturbate. I was freshly 19, had no idea at all how to figure out my profits from the tokens, and was extremely meek and trusting. My name on the site was xoabbixo and I never quite got used to having the alias.

Most of my time on the site was spent chatting in my room, occasionally showing off my breasts. The real fun came in the private sessions. There I would ride my dildos, masturbate, and just generally fulfill the desires of the man on the other side of the screen. I enjoyed it for the most part, if I didn’t find it somewhat boring at times.

Since I had signed up mostly for fun I didn’t have a schedule or an idea of how much I wanted to bring in. I didn’t do any research on the camsite and I definitely didn’t make myself aware of any scams. I was prime pickings for guys trying to pull one over.

I had the normal amount of good and bad experiences- but the last ever show I did a new VIP member pulled me into a private room. He started by asking me to bounce my breasts with my hands, them smack them up in the air, and then finally take my fists and beat them from underneath over and over again until tears came down my cheeks and I abruptly shut off the stream.

I was covered in bruises for weeks afterwards. Looking back on it now, I think “Why?” Why was I so willing to put myself through pain for someone I didn’t know. Why was I pushing my boundaries for a measly $20? Obviously, I was in over my head. I decided to delete my account then and there.

(Sorta) Cam Girl Vol. 2

A lot has changed in my life since then. I’m still sweet and I still love to make people’s fantasies come true, but I’ve harnessed the bitchy energy inside me too. I will admit it- I can be a raging Karen these days if I feel slighted.

Most importantly though, I’ve built up a following of my own. I set my own boundaries and stick to them. I’ve been in several managerial positions and have successfully negotiated with porn studios to get what I want. I’ve been around the block a time or two.

I was hesitant to step back into the world of camming, but I was also intrigued by the concept. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and set up an account. After some research, I decided to go with Camsoda- and I made sure I fully understood the token system before even making an account.

Now, before I start my shows I have a solid plan for what I want to do. The men in the room don’t intimidate me, and when they cross a line I have no problems calling them out, silencing them, or (in the case of the lovely guys who try to get freebies by scamming) banning them completely.

I have fun on my shows, and when I’m bored I end it. I’m going on my 5th show now and I feel almost an addiction to it- every day I’ve found a reason to pop on- even if it’s just to eat dinner with friends. The best part is, I legitimately get turned on during each and every show I do!

I’m sure I won’t be camming every day forever- but I do know that every Saturday for the foreseeable future will be spent in front of my webcam giggling, jiggling, and having fun- on my own terms.

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