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Professional vs Amateur

In the world of porn there are a TON of subcategories. Today I wanted to talk about amateur vs professional productions.

Porn shot by pros will be pretty much obvious from the start. The video quality will be high and there is most often an entire team behind the scenes making sure that things run smoothly. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, set, lights, and sound will all be things mostly likely taken care of by someone other than the actors. There’s a director and a team of people responsible for editing and marketing the content. People generally like this type of porn because you can be sure that the video will be HD or better and the models are above the age of consent. It’s also where you will see professionals doing what they do best.

On the other side of the coin is amateur porn. Quality if content varies greatly, and for some people this is part of the appeal because it feels more real! An amateur production generally is done by one or two people that are responsible for the whole kit and caboodle. People who like amateur porn enjoy it because it is more personal, realistic, and catered to niche fetishes.

Personally, I enjoy both pro and amateur content. I find myself impressed by amateur porn a lot more than professional, because I know just how much work goes into it.

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