Pornosexuality vs Solosexuality

There are a lot of terms floating around the internet lately about various sexualities. Today I will talk about two of my favorites: pornosexuality and solosexuality.

Before I start I want to say that I’m not a sex therapist or doctor. I am not going to get into whether or not these are “real” sexualities. I would like to remind people that everything is made up by someone, nothing is real, and nothing matters. Later haters. 

Let’s start with some definitions:

  • Solosexuality- Sexual pleasure is not focused on intercourse with others. While they may feel attracted to someone they would probably prefer to be a voyuer than engage in sexual acts. Masturbation is often the preference for solosexuals, but many who are in relationships will still have sex with their partners at times. 
  • Pornosexuality- People whose main attraction is to pornography in any form. They may have sex or they may not, they may engage in mutual masturbation or they may not. In my experience pronosexuals tend to identify as addicts and collect massive amounts of explicit materials. 

There is a lot of overlap in these two worlds but, though you may find some people in these niche kink communities using the terms interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Many pornosexuals are also solosexuals, but not every solosexual is a pornosexual. One can find satisfaction in masturbation without needing porn just like one can find sexual satisfaction engaged in missionary with porn playing on screens around them.

As always, different strokes for different folks.

I personally identify as solosexual, but not completely pornosexual. While I like porn and use it often I don’t need it to orgasm. And even though I identify as solo sex isn’t completely off the table. Sex for me is either intimate and emotional or just a bit of fun (especially if I’m drunk). I never go into it thinking “oh boy I’m going to come out of this completely satisfied and I’m going to have a crazy orgasm”.

 Sorry guys, but I just do it better myself.

Photo by Dainis Graveris from Pexels

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