More Masturbation Stories

Here are some more masturbation stories from gooners!

Caught red handed!

I was wearing some of my girlfriends underwear once and masturbating on the bed. She came home early as she forgot her phone and walked in on me in her lingerie going at it.

She froze for a second and said “I forgot my phone.” I was like “Oh. It’s on the bench.” She took it and left.

Later on we spoke about it and now I have my own lingerie!


One with Nature

I’ve been on vacation with some of my family for a week, and got a little over another week until we go home. We’re in a cabin my grandma owns with three bedrooms, which are being used my my mom, my little brother, and my grandma, leaving me with no choice but to sleep on the couch. Due to this, my masturbation has been slightly limited, with me only being able to do it in the bathroom, or in the living room at night or in the morning. Yesterday, my mom and grandma had to go to a meeting with the rest of the cabin owners to discuss things, and my little brother was still sleeping in bed. With this in mind, while I was sexting with another gooner that morning, I decided I’d do something risky.

I’ve always been curious about trying to masturbate outside in the open air. However, with where I live in Minnesota, the middle of a neighborhood, I don’t have the ability to do so. However, the cabin is in the middle of a wooded small neighborhood, with plenty of trees that can block me from view, and has a backyard patio that can be reached by going around the house or by going through the first floor bedroom. So, I decided, in a deep, horny state, that I’d jerk off and cum outside in the backyard. I waited for a bit, until I was getting fairly close to busting, and then I made my way through the bedroom onto the patio. I lifted my shirt up over my head, pulled down my pants and boxers, and squatted down as I began jerking off, holding my phone with my free hand to record it. The cool morning air flowed against my naked body as I jerked off, using saliva as impromptu lube. I panted and moaned quietly with every pump, feeling my cock getting closer to orgasm before finally erupting all over the wooden floor of the patio, some slightly louder moans escaping my lips as I jerked off through my orgasm. After I finished, I looked down at my cumshot, which contrasted with the dark wood of the patio, using my shoes to smear it enough to where nobody could notice it, before getting dressed and heading back inside. As I laid back on the couch, I could feel the slight high of exhibitionism flowing through my body, and it felt amazing. And if I get the chance to do it again, I’m definitely gonna do it.


Bate Buddies

I was at college and live in a two bedroom flat with a white guy I didn’t really know all that well. He was a classmate and we kinda got forced to be living together. I wasn’t as experience sexually as I have been now at the time of this and was obsessed with bating. I still am lol. I’d spend all hours of the night huddled around 3 screens watching bbw porn. But also as the night went on more bi stuff. My roommate was quite popular and spent most nights out. This night he was meant to stay with friends. So I was gooning at home and I thought I’d be alone all night. I was in my room, it was late and it was dark except for the porn. One screen, bbw, one screen bi stuff and one screen the news (I’m not a total sex addict lol) I was like 4 or 5 edges in and unbeknown to me my door was open and my roommate came home for some reason. He says he started watching me (I had headphones in) for about 10 minutes jerking himself off as I moaned and groaned and bated. Just as I was finishing an edge he turned my light on. It startled me. I panicked until I saw his dick was rock hard and out. It was kinda small. But also super cute. He persuaded me (I was pretty high but also loving it) to masturbate together. We stood over my desk jerking off to bbw porn. Spitting on our dicks and encouraging each other to edge and not cum. After a while we decided to frot. It was just amazing. We lubed up and stroked our dicks together. Unfortunately it was too much for his smaller dick and he blew a load all over mine. It was amazing. I think he became embarrassed and left. But I used his cum as lube to blow a huge load. And that’s how me and my first bate bro became a thing


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