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Masturbation Motivation

“But Emma! If I’m always edging and horny how can I possibly get anything done??” I admit, it’s true. Denying yourself orgasms can have a side effect: constant horniness. You might wake up desperate or find that randomly during the day your sex drive lights up out of nowhere. Sometimes you might be low level aroused for hours without touching yourself. I’ve been there plenty of times myself. As I write this I’m currently two days into orgasm denial, motivation and focus has been… well, tough.

The fact that you’re reading this, though, proves that I prevailed. You may be wondering how I could sit here editing videos and finishing blog posts while there is a constant fire between my thighs. It all comes down to one simple change in my mindset.

Today, touching myself isn’t my right. It’s a privilege. One I have to earn with hard work.

I’ve found that using masturbation or in some cases orgasm as a reward ups my productivity. Instead of dreading chores like I normally would, my mind is so focused on the end result that I fly right through it. The mood boost that comes along with arousal is a perk too! 

This type of thing takes willpower. Not everyone will have the mental fortitude to hold out- and that’s okay! Try getting someone else in on the plan to keep you accountable. Whether that person be your dom, partner, or just a good friend- just telling someone else about it can make you more likely to stick to it!

If you’ve been feeling like some things in life are falling behind, try setting a goal for yourself and keeping yourself denied- either by not touching or by not having release- until you’ve accomplished it. Let your arousal become your motivation.

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