My Top 5 Clips of 2020

Interview With A Masturbator
Interview With A Masturbator
My Top 5 Clips of 2020

1. Pornosexual JOI

My most popular clip of 2020 is my first ever JOI! When I look back at it now I feel a sense of fondness for how simple things were back then- I just had my phone and a clip on ringlight that I’d gotten at walmart. It’s really amazing how things have changed!

Description: WARNING! This is for serious porn addicts only.

2. He Ruins on my Face

Second is my only boy/girl content of the year (thanks covid). My scene partner saved up his cum for 2 months and it shows- my face gets DRENCHED. Also shot with a cellphone and clip on ring light 😛

Description: Watch as I eat up all his ruined cum! This is real footage of a porn addicted loser barely able to be touched without exploding. He ruins not once but twice all over my pretty face.

3. Porn Mommy Loves You

Oil, mommy kink, and porn addiction encouragement? I think this one speaks for itself.

Description: Just relax and let porn mommy take care of you. In this video I will encourage your masturbation habits and porn addiction while I pour oil on my huge breasts. I’ll drool and spit onto my nipples while I tell you how proud I am of you for spending so much time jerking off. Try not to cum while you watch me suck and deep throat my own fingers.

4. Seducing my Boyfriend’s Best Friend

This custom clip request was wildly popular! It is one of the few videos I’ve made where I follow a storyline and act! I had so much fun making this one!

My boyfriend is still at the bar- what a jerk! Thankfully you were there to offer me a ride home. You don’t have to leave so quickly, let’s settle in on the couch. Would you mind giving me a foot massage? I see how you’re looking at my feet… go ahead, give my toes a lick. I won’t tell. You know,. you don’t have to be a good guy. It could be our little secret. No, I don’t have any condoms but that’s okay. I like the risk. Why don’t you just pull out… or not.

5. Realistic BBC Dildo

This video does not have my favorite name- do you think I should change it?

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